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New York’s Webster Hall was a room full of mirrors – reflections bouncing from present to past and back – during the February 8th show by the British agit-rock band Gang of Four. Early in the set, singer Jon King recalled being there when the venue was called the Ritz – three decades ago. There was also the eerily identical resonance of the rallying….  [Continue reading]




Gang of Four arrived in the late 1970s with harshly danceable songs that depicted human relationships turning into commodities. Its jagged, sometimes virtually atonal grooves still echo through everything now called post-punk. And its lyrics, which at the time sounded dourly materialistic, grew all too prophetic for an era when corporations tally up theirFacebook “likes” online, and athletes, musicians and people writing personal ads all treat themselves as brand na…[Continue reading]




What happens when innovations become tropes? That depends on the innovators, as was made smashingly clear by Monday’s performance at the Music Box by Gang of Four (more about smashing later). The U.K. quartet’s classic 1979 album Entertainment! heralded the group as punk-funk progenitors, blurring disco’s dance floor urgency with punk’s political insurgency. Gang of Four since became one of popular music’s most influential concerns for everyone from R.E.M, the Red Hot Ch…[Continue reading]




It’s been 15 years since Gang of Four released their proper last album, but the British punk pioneers will return with a new disc Content on January 25. The Gang are planning to return with a bang, too: the disc will be released on CD, vinyl and in a deluxe “Ultimate Content Can,” which includes ceramic art by founding members Jon King and Andy Gill, a book of photographs, lyrics, a scratch and sniff booklet and — no joke! — vials of the band members’ blood.

King and Gill — who last released an album of re-recorded songs, titled Return the Gift, in 2005 — have recruited bassist Thomas McNeice and drummer Mark Hea…[Continue reading]




Thirty-three years after the release of the single “Damaged Goods” and almost 16 since its last studio album, this legendary post-punk group fit into 2011 a lot better than we-or they-might have any reason to expect. Today’s audiences have been primed for Gang of Four’s snarling groove by such devotees as Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and any number of DFA…[Continue reading]




For nearly 35 years, Gang of Four from Leeds, England, have pressed on – albeit in a fit of stops and starts (much like their music) – as one of the true purveyors of the sound commonly known as post-punk. Alongside the likes of Wire, Liliput and The Fall, they helped create a unique strain of eardrum buzz that piggybacked off the momentum of the success of fellow Brits The Clash and The Sex Pi…[Continue reading]

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