Berlusconi – Image from ‘Content’

 The special edition of  ‘Content’ has several books in it.  Each book has a word embossed on the cover: music, words, smells, emotions, blood and history.  ‘Music’ contains the record. ‘Words’, the lyrics. In the book of our emotions each member of the band acted out what are thought to be irreducible emotions; like happiness, anger and so on, and we were photographed. The photographs were then rotoscoped, adding distance between the emotion and the viewer. There is a book of smells.  Several smells have been printed onto the pages of a book, and you can turn pages and put different words with each smell. The word might say ‘sex’  or ‘labour ‘, or something else, and you can figure out which is which.  We have also included some of our blood, diluted. History is a book that opens out like a map. There are 20 images which shows our version of the history of the last 30 years or so. This picture is of Berlusconi. He may not be the Italian prime minister anymore, but he was quite entertaining while it lasted. This picture shows him with a hooker, ejaculating, possibly at a ‘bunga bunga’ party. He can only get away with his craziness because he’s been able to take over and control so much of the  information that  the Italian people get.