Reviews for Content

“Content is that rare thing from a reunited band – a credible new studio release – and the songs from that record stood up fine against the still-commanding anxieties in “Damaged Goods” and “Love Like Anthrax,” illustrated in the latter by Gill’s atonal cannonfire, which he triggered by kicking his Strat across the floor. For Gang of Four, the great leap forward – through noise to justice – is back on.”

                                                                              –Rolling Stone


“…they have reclaimed, with a vengeance, their old attack. Once again, Gang of Four delivers a raw, syncopated wallop.” And goes on, “just as brawny and combative [as Entertainment].”

                                                            ­­                               – The New York Times



“[Gill and King] spit out splintered riffs and skewered tropes that approximate the band’s peak…”

                                                                                    – SPIN


“…three decades plus in, Gang of Four still creates that feeling that anything can happen, especially if it’s dangerous and thrilling.”

                                                                                        -LA TIMES


“[New track ‘Never Pay For The Farm’ is] excellent… The thin bass and jagged dance rhythms sound far closer to the blueprint laid out on Entertainment!, Gang of Four’s iconic debut album… A fresh-sounding comeback.”



C O N T E N T boasts all the pent-up urgency that marked them as something special back in 1979; it’s sinuous and nervy, and the songs jerk like electric shocks.”


                                                                                       – Nylon Guys


“Post-punk legends who launched a million imitators.”

                                                                                   – Pitchfork 


“…more than three decades later [their essential sound] still has the power to turn brainy moralism into music hot enough to make you dance.”

                                                                                             –  NY Daily News



“Gang of Four is back to show everyone how it’s done… ‘Never Pay For The Farm’ is solid… great, slicing guitar riff; nice punchy bassline.”

                                                                                                   – Philadelphia Weekly


“Andy Gill’s guitar sounds almost as fierce and spiky as it did during GO4’s late-70s/early-80s heyday and the rhythm has that trademark rude thrust… this sounds better than most rock groups do 30-plus years after their inception.”

                                                                                    –  The Stranger


“One of England’s greatest and most individual post-punk-funk machines is back.”

                                                                                  – OC Register

 “Much imitated, never bettered – Gang of Four are back, their lyrics and music as sharp as ever”

                                                                                        – Sunday Times


“One of the most influential bands of the 21st century”

                                                                             – 8/10 NME


“The most consistent GO4 album since their debut”

                                                                           – Q Magazine


“Riveting and robotic, they still have the capacity to thrill”

                                                                              – Mojo Magazine


“As vital and venomous as their incendiary 1979 debut Entertainment ”

                                                                               – Uncut Magazine


“Like some hibernating agit prop agency awakening to meet the needs of these hard times, Gang of Four are in typically brusque form on their first new material for 16 years.”

                                                                                             – 4/5 – The Independent


“Content is their best record since the lateMSeventies, packed with savagely danceable riffs and rousingly incisive lyrics about consumerism, domestic fragmentation and political resistance. ”

                                                                               – The Telegraph


“Old punks, new Content  …a formidable live band and an acknowledged influence on U2, REM, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party”

                                                                                  – The Guardian


“This deserves one very high mantle” – 9/10

                                                                                     – Clash Magzine


“Still as bold and combustible as a clenched fist, Content&is a remarkably good comeback”.

                                                                           – Artrocker


“Brilliant and infinitely better than we’ve any right to expect, the songs bristle with ideas, energy and conviction.”

                                                                                     – World Magazine.


“First new album in 16 years from the highly influential Leeds post punk outfit finds mainstays Andy Gill and Jon King sticking to their agid funk, radical rock guns.”

                                                             – Mirror


“Punk poets are still a potent force.”

                                                                              – The Independent


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